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Therapy Options

Different rehabilitation therapies have proved to help with both acute and chronic health conditions that may affect your daily activities and overall quality of life. Our clinicians are trained in physical therapy, work injury recovery, and transitional therapy. Meet our Clinical Team and learn about their backgrounds.

Physical Therapy

Whether you are referred by a physician or come to us on your own, our skilled clinicians can help you. Physical therapists evaluate and treat a wide range of diagnoses and conditions resulting from injury, accident, health issues, lifestyle, and aging. (Scroll to the bottom of the page for a comprehensive list of conditions we treat most often.) Please call our office at the number listed below to see how BODYWORKS can help you.

Start with our complimentary consultation.
It will help you to understand your current needs and what next steps are right for you. Call us now at 304.255.2376 to schedule an appointment for your free consultation. If you would like to expedite this process, please download and complete the Complimentary Consultation and bring it with you.

After my accident, I thought I might never walk with ease again. My Physical Therapist at BODYWORKS helped manipulate my injured leg and taught me exercises to build up my strength. She was patient and persistent.

– Taylor Daniels

Decide to get Physical Therapy.
Once you are committed to receiving Physical Therapy treatments, our clinical team will:

Physical therapy is often an investment covered by insurance. We can help you understand how your insurance works or talk with you about a payment plan if you don’t have coverage. Please free to talk with us about any billing issues you may have.

Work Injury Recovery and Occupational Programs

If you've been injured on the job, BODYWORKS can help. In addition to our expertise in occupational programs, we have extensive experience working with Brickstreet and private workers' compenation carriers as well as with Vocational Rehabilitation Managers.

File a claim or get a physician's referral.

After you've filed a workers' compensation claim or received a physician's referral, our skilled physical therapist will help you: get better, return to work on at least a modified basis, and ultimately return to pre-injury status. Your prompt attention to addressing your situation ensures your continued eligibility for Workers' Compensation benefits.

Select BODYWORKS as your rehabilitation partner.
Once you've decided to enlist BODYWORKS' support in your recovery, we will:

When I hurt my back at work, I was immediately in pain - the simplest movements took my breath away. Between my doctors and BODYWORKS - I'm as good as new - and back to work. I wasn't sure I'd be able to work again, but I can lift more than before – but now I do it safely.

– Dan Andrews

Sometimes, after a serious injury, an employee may also experience a variety of emotions that keep them from feeling 100% even though their body is healed. In situations like these, we can refer you to experienced professionals that can help with this aspect of your recovery.

Physical Therapy Membership

After completing treatment to recover from an injury, surgery, or other medical condition, many people receive continued benefit by continuing with a transitional therapy program. A transitional therapy program can help you to continue to rebuild your strength and adopt healthy behaviors so they become habits. Transitional therapy involves becoming more independent with a gym-based program and home exercise program to maintain the results that physical therapy will help you to achieve. Talk with our physical therapists to see how we can help you build a bridge from recovery to every day living.

BODYWORKS in Pineville

We also offer physical therapy services in our Pineville location.  To learn more about this option, click here.

Physical Therapy Support